Rhonda English, Vice-PresidentCAA
CAA Insurance Company

I have hired Dobri to facilitate the strategic planning process at numerous organizations where I have worked. Dobri is a highly experienced and seasoned business professional. As a facilitator, Dobri is excellent at bringing insight to discussions, challenging traditional thinking and keeping participants engaged and on topic. The process is highly efficient, providing real-time output as the session progresses. Dobri is able to simplify the concept of strategic planning and always delivers a comprehensive, actionable plan. I highly recommend Dobri.


Bob Stark, CEOService Ontario
Service Ontario

I have used Dobri’s services in 4 different organizations and several different capacities always with excellent results. He has the capability to find strategic opportunity out of chaos. His methodologies work effectively by efficiently using the minds of many and driving to natural consensus that results in commitment, focus and actionable plans. He is a top rate strategic thinker.


Sabina Song, Vice-President, People, Technology & Data at Envision Sales Inc.,Envision Sales
Principal at Branded Environments Inc.

Dobri has helped us refocus our firm – people, processes and direction with the road map that he and his team provided us. Today, it is the document that we refer to in benchmarking our progress. The result has been significant improvements in all areas of operation.

More to come….