With our corporate and consulting experience, we have observed many good and bad practices, we have written a number of papers and developed insights on subjects that we feel have particular strategic significance to executives. Below you will find a few of them that you might find interesting and relevant to your situation.(Each is in ‘PDF’ format and will open in a new window for your convenience.)

If any of them are applicable to your strategic situation and you want to find out more about our approach, we’d be delighted to talk in more detail with your executive team.


dobri barry
Strategic Planning is Often Not Strategic At All! (pdf) Project Management Tips for Success (Profit) (pdf)
Structure Follows Strategy (pdf) Requisite Structure: A Guide to Aligning Strategy and Roles (pdf)
Does Your Culture Support Your Strategy (pdf)  The Project Management Paradox (Ivey) (pdf)
Walt Disney and  His Business Philosophy in Action (pdf)

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