What We Do

T.S.P.G. is a full service consulting firm that can provide organizations with a wide range of advice, business tools and solutions. The following are key practice disciplines that may interest your organization.

Strategic Planning
 Our keystone business. One of the most important responsibilities of executive leaders in every organization is to set the direction by articulating a vision and mission for the organization, establishing a viable market strategy, and creating realistic stretch objectives.  Executives need to map out where the organization is headed, its short-term and long-range performance targets, the competitive moves and internal actions and behaviors that are required to achieve the desired results. These things, taken together, constitute a strategic plan .A strategic plan should be a compelling road map for driving continuous change in any organization.  Strategic planning is not a one-time effort to “change direction and get us going.” It is an entire system geared toward continuously detecting changes in the outside world, deciding how to deal with them, and translating these needed changes into initiatives that produce the desired results. The effects of the planning process should go on day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out
Strategy Implementation
The importance of alignment and the need for implementation planning becomes clear as one examines the repeated failure of initiatives and other undertakings in organizations. Initiatives performed out of sequence or not sufficiently supported can do more damage than good.  BizvisionAn implementation plan is not intended to undermine ongoing strategic planning efforts. The implementation plan becomes the context, the blueprint for change. It is intended to pull all the pieces of the organization’s implementation activity together where it can be logically sequenced and tested. We believe that organizational alignment, effective business processes and workforce capability are essential to successful execution of a plan.Alignment refers to the tangibles such as structure, reporting relationships, roles, accountabilities and expected results all necessary to support the strategy. Processes are those tools and techniques that are design to implement the planned activities and must include clear functionality, responsibility, costs, timing outcomes and owners. This is best achieved with a cross-functional team of people who perform day-to-day work. Workforce capability is made up of the skills, knowledge, attitudes, commitment, and values of your people necessary to work within a given structure in support of the strategy.
Board Governance
Boards of business corporations have come increasingly under the spotlight of stockholder groups, regulators, the press and the public. Thus far, however, none of the various solutions to improve the corporate boardroom have the conceptual integrity offered by hardcore business disciplines and policy governance. Our practice title Strategic Governance is designed to provide forward thinking, value-oriented, strategic advice to Boards in need of operating improvement and control. We believe it is vital that Boards reinvent themselves and escape from the trappings of inadequate design and functionality to do their jobs. Our services are designed to help Boards define their role more profoundly, add strategic value to their organizations, operate effectively and efficiently and be accountable for company results. The fundamental challenge is for Boards to provide strategic guidance without running interference. We can provide objective advice, facilitate thought-leadership and ensure that Boards are held to high standards of effectiveness.
Coaching & Leadership Development
Organizational difficulty or dysfunction occurs when specific gaps occur between strategy and implementation.
leadershipOne of the main reasons is that organizations do not have the resources or adequate trained or development staff. Our integrated coaching and leadership development programs are all related to the corporate strategy. There are three main tenets to our program: organizational culture since it affects the working environment, employee development since it affects productivity and leadership, and the team performance. Our integrated programs are designed to identify them and their causes and find solutions to eliminate the gaps and leverage organization and individual strengths. A start is to conduct a complete assessment of your human capabilities. Our assessment will enable us to evaluate core values as an individual articulates them through interviews and exercises. We will undertake to explore self-awareness, achievement needs, interpersonal effectiveness and creativity. Conceivably, other specific needs will emerge during the initial fact-finding session. Identification of needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses will enable the mentoring and coaching relationship to evolve to maximum advantage.
Management Audits & Assessment Tools
Often organizations need an independent and objective assessment of their operating culture and business performance. puzzlesolutionOrganizations often do not have an effective methodology to assess the effectiveness of their own methodologies and organizational processes relative to industry best practices or current potential capability. Such reviews often set the stage for effective change management and in some cases cost reduction. We have conducted major business reviews for retail organizations, manufacturers and service units. Additionally, assessing an organization’s culture, capabilities, practices or competitive position is key to building the right strategies and tactics. We have developed a number of unique tools, based on the needs expressed by our clients, that identify an organization’s strengths and deficiencies . These tools are important strategic business management tools because they reveal the best market opportunities and assess organizational capabilities relative to an organization’s own strategic vision, mission and future direction. Too often changing business needs outgrow existing business processes. T.S.P.G. can help you determine if your organization is performing at optimum levels and give you a perspective and advice on how to tackle particular issues and obstacles to high-performing organization status.
Customer Orientation, Business and Market Knowledge
Understanding customers is critical to any company’s success. clientssMany think they understand or have a customer-focused orientation but often it’s only superficial. The effective use of information is power. A thorough analysis of customer, business and market trends is a necessary precondition for identifying the strategic issues that management needs to address to develop and leverage competitive advantage. Without accurate and relevant information, every organization is at the risk of developing and implementing an inappropriate or incorrect strategy for itself. We can help you to use business information effectively through trend analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis, and assessing customer trends so you can more confidently build the most effective strategies possible.
Creative Thinking/Problem Solving Techniques
The creation of winning business strategies requires the identification of ways to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. An organization achieves competitive advantage whenever it has an edge over rivals in attracting customers and keeping them. stratsolutionsFor an organization to succeed in building competitive advantage its strategies and tactics must leverage its competencies and resource capabilities. Organizations may need help in thinking unconventionally to solve problems that have been inherent for a long time. It means deliberately choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than competitors to deliver a unique mix of value to targeted customers. T.S.P.G. can help your organization break through traditional thinking and bring unique perspectives on how to approach your challenges. We have developed a toolkit of distinctive and unique processes to help clients arrive at new positions and new ideas to enhance their competitive differentiation or unique core capabilities.